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Restoring History: A Masonry Masterpiece in Seattle

At Sound Brickworks, we take immense pride in preserving and enhancing the architectural integrity of historical homes. Our latest project brought us to a charming nearly century-old home in Seattle, WA, where we undertook a comprehensive masonry restoration. From meticulous tuckpointing to rebuilding a unique Bishop's Hat chimney, this project showcases our dedication to quality craftsmanship and historical preservation.

Image of restored Bishops Hat chimney
Finished Bishops Hat Restoration


Project Overview

Our team was tasked with restoring the exterior masonry of this beautiful home. The scope of work included:

  • Masking areas below places requiring tuckpointing and repointing to prevent any damage or mess to home and landscaping.

  • Grinding out approximately 68 problem areas around the home and approximately 72 square feet of deteriorated mortar.

  • Installing new mortar into joints and pointing brickwork to match the existing brickwork with 1/8 inch rake joints.

  • Removing at least 14 deteriorated sill bricks on the southeast side of the home.

  • Cutting and installing new sill bricks, ensuring they matched the existing brickwork.

  • Sealing between window trim and newly installed bricks.

  • Setting up a ladder for chimney access and removing broken bricks from the top.

  • Grinding out exterior mortar joints, installing new mortar, and ensuring a weather-tight joint.

  • Applying siloxane sealer on the Bishop's Hat chimney

  • Reaffixing separated corner bricks on the entryway.

  • Washing all repointed areas with NMD80 masonry detergent.

  • Applying siloxane sealer on horizontal bricks on the entryway flanks.

  • Wash out dust from the home and walkway and landscape where any was found.

  • Cleaning up all debris and equipment, leaving the site pristine.


Overcoming Unique Challenges

One of the most significant challenges we encountered was the Bishop's Hat chimney. During our initial assessment, we noted some typical wear and tear due to Seattle's weather and environmental stresses, but upon closer inspection during the project, we found the mortar had deteriorated even to dusty sand in many spots not originally detectable during our quote. This posed a risk of the bricks collapsing, necessitating a thorough and immediate restoration.

Materials Used

To ensure the durability and historical accuracy of our work, we used high-quality materials:

  • Type N Mortar

  • Type S Hydrated Lime

  • NMD80 Masonry Detergent

  • Solid Imperial Red Bricks

  • Siloxane Masonry Sealer

  • OSI Quad Sealer

We also made sure to use period-correct bricks to maintain the historical aesthetic of the home.


Project Outcome

The results were outstanding. Not only did we address the tuckpointing needs around the exterior and reinstall sill bricks to properly shed water, but we also rebuilt the Bishop's Hat chimney, preserving the architectural integrity and value of the home. Additionally, we went above and beyond by wire brushing organic matter from the front porch steps and tuckpointing other areas in need of repair, free of charge.

Client Feedback

The homeowner was thrilled with the results, leaving us a glowing review:



This project was a testament to our team's expertise and commitment to quality. By restoring the home's masonry, we helped preserve a piece of Seattle's history.

Whether it's a small repair or a comprehensive restoration, Sound Brickworks is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for every project.

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