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Trip-hazard Walkway Repair


March 2024


Seattle, WA



Project type


Curb Appeal Unlocked: Flagstone Walkway Repair and Install
With pride, our team announces the successful completion of a beautifully restored stone walkway project.

Faced with the challenge of transforming a worn and uneven path, we swiftly embarked on the task and accomplished it within a week from our initial quote meeting.

Utilizing premium stone sourced from our trusted supplier, we meticulously regraded the walkway and installed the stones with precision using paver sand for a visually stunning and even surface. This upgrade not only enhances the home's curb appeal but also provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing route to the front porch, surrounded by the enchanting gardens maintained by our client.

The appreciation from our client was evident in her thoughtful gesture of ordering our team a couple of pizzas for lunch and expressing heartfelt thanks. Working with her was a delight, and knowing that we've contributed to providing a safe and beautiful pathway in and out of her garden brings us immense joy!

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