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Stone Veneer Waterproofing Fix

Project type

Stone Wall


April 2024


Bellevue, WA


Stone Veneer

When inexperienced roofers work on your windows and siding, it's likely you'll encounter a problem or two. Just like this home owner.

Their beautiful new build stone veneer home encountered a number of waterproofing issues when roofers with poor experience worked on their home. Notably around windows and edges, we found the need to remove the veneer stone to provide access to re-house wrap and install proper lintels.

When the roofers came out to do this part on the roof, they failed a second time to wrap and layer correctly. I'm thankful to work on a team of experienced craftsmen who want to do right by homeowners - we lapped it correctly and went on our way to placing the stone veneer back into place.

We feel so grateful and lucky to have been hired on this project. The feeling we get to bring home, of knowing this family is in a weather-endurant home, means a lot to us.

You know our slogan, "Safe and sound in the Puget Sound."

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