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Craftsman Columns Reconstruction

Project type

Brick Columns


May 2024


Seattle, WA


Brick, Concrete

Our team recently had the privilege of working on a beautiful 100-year-old historic Craftsman home. The owner had sourced reclaimed historic railings for their porch and needed two columns rebuilt to restore the home to its original splendor, as previous owners had removed them.

We approached this project with a dedication to historical accuracy and craftsmanship. Our skilled masons meticulously rebuilt the columns, ensuring they matched in-likeness to the home's original architectural style. We created custom concrete caps with intricate cove joints, adding a touch of authenticity and elegance to the columns.

Once the columns were reconstructed, we expertly installed the caps and ensured every detail was perfect. To finish, our team conducted a thorough clean-up, leaving the porch pristine and ready to be enjoyed.

This restoration not only enhanced the home's aesthetic appeal but also preserved its historical integrity for future generations to appreciate.

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