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Chimney Restoration & Dentil Detail

Project type



June 2024


Shoreline, WA



Project Overview

We recently completed a stunning chimney restoration in Seattle, WA, blending safety and style. Here's a quick look at what we did:

Preparation: Protected landscaping and set up scaffolding.
Demolition & Cleaning: Removed 24 rows of bricks below the roofline and cleaned them for reuse.
Brickwork: Installed 350 bricks with precise, flat weather-struck joints.
Concrete Cap: Built forms, poured, and finished the concrete cap.
Detail Work: Removed and reinstalled bricks to add L flashing behind siding.
Sealants & Cleaning: Applied weather sealants, washed brickwork, and added siloxane sealer.
Completion: Disassembled scaffolding and cleaned up thoroughly.

Design Highlight

The crowning feature is the new chimney crown with elegant dentil detailing, adding a stately touch to the home. Dentils are small blocks or bricks used as repeating "ornaments."

Why It Stands Out

This project showcases our dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. By reusing cleaned bricks and implementing a refined design, we ensured the chimney is both safe and beautiful.

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